Friday, March 6, 2009

Social Media Best Practice For Law Schools

Via WisBlawg, a post that features Social Media Law Student organization and their launch of a series called Social Media Best Practice for Law Schools, Part I, which "is the first in a series of posts about my adventures in pushing my law school to get real about social media," Laura Bergus says.

Like other law students, I was told not to blog about law school and to be careful what I posted on that evil place called Facebook. About a month into law school I started following lawyers on Twitter and reading law blogs (a.k.a blawgs). As anyone reading this already knows, participating in Twitter and commenting on blawgs is a hugely beneficial way to meet people and learn about the field. I got pretty upset with my school, and blogged about it (against their advice, of course). As with many rants, I ended up feeling guilty for whining but not offering up any solutions to the problem. So, I emailed the Assistant Dean of my school and let him know how I felt.

What are your thoughts? Share your opinions!


  1. Thanks for taking note! We are putting out the survey to students on how they use social media soon and I'm looking forward to the results. This whole process, while informal, has made me feel more connected to and proud of my school, and I'm only a 1L. It's another good example of the maxim "It can't hurt to ask." :)

  2. Absolutely! Thanks for the comment. I would be very much interested in the results of the survey. So, keep me posted.