Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Pace Law Library Blog Makeover

Dear Readers,

We are thrilled to introduce to you our new Pace Law Library Blog.  We have been writing here since June 2008 and so we decided that our blog more than deserved a major makeover.  Thus, in the beginning of 2011, we migrated to a new platform and VOILÀ, here it is!

Meet the re-designed and spanking new Pace Law Library Blog:

We will continue to bring you news and commentaries from the areas of Law and Technology, Legal Research & Writing, Professional Responsibility, Criminal, Environmental, Immigration, and International, and we plan to expand our coverage into Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law.  And, of course, we will always have a special section for law students.

Visit us on our new blog as we will be writing there from now on. Follow us on Twitter, become a friend on Facebook, or subscribe directly to our blog posts via RSS feed.

Thank you blogger for having us for the past two and half years, and see you all at library.blogs.law.pace.edu.

Pace Law Library Blog

Ms. Lamikanra on Nigerian Law and Legal System

Ms. Ufuoma Lamikanra, the Head of Readers' Services Section at the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, at the University of Lagos in Nigeria, gave an excellent presentation titled Conflict of Laws in a Federation: The Nigerian Experience at the 2010 annual meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries in Denver, Colorado, as part of the FCIL-SIS Executive Committee presents event.

Ms. Lamikanra addressed the complexity of the Nigerian legal system and its literature, including the issues associated with the influence of English, customary, and Sharia laws in Nigerian legislation and judicial decision making.  The entire presentation was recorded and you may access the MP3 file at the Pace Law Library Podcast site or directly here.  Enjoy listening and reading more about Ms. Lamikanra.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prof. Crawford Reviews Estate and Gift Tax Law Review Articles of 2010

Check out our first 2011 addition to the Pace Law Library Podcasts site titled Estate and Gift Tax Law Articles of 2010.  Prof. Bridget Crawford from Pace Law School reviews interesting estate and gift tax law related articles that were published in the year of 2010.  Her review is forthcoming as an article in Tax Notes, titled Estate and Gift Tax Law Review Articles You Should Have Read (But Probably Didn't) in 2010.  See the article abstract here and enjoy listening.