Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kindle DX Introduced at Pace University

Today, May 6, 2009, Amazon introduced the new Kindle DX at the Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts at the Pace University in lower Manhattan, announcing it is tailored for textbooks and newspapers. Read the full Amazon Live Blogging via New York Times.

What do you think? Would you like to say 'good bye' to the heavy backpack filled with big and expensive books? Instead you could stroll around with a much lighter Kindle DX that would hold all your books. Would reading on the screen be as effective as reading a regular book? Is the DX too big compared to Kindle 2? What are your thoughts on Kindle DX? Share your comments!


  1. I bought a Kindle 2 and had it for three weeks. I just couldn't wait for the DX. When the DX arived I returned the kindle 2. I am completely satisified with the Kindle DX. I think it is a great piece of engineering technology. see Amazon Kindle DX

  2. I saw a couple of e-reader models on a tv program and it seems like a neat idea, if you like to read a lot, it can save you a lot of money since the ebooks are way cheaper and it's easier to carry around. Not to mention it's eco friendly, but to be sincere i'm more attracted by the idea that gadgets like that were featured in a lot of scifi films :P